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Dattage Family Walks the Plank: A Peter Pan Family Adventure

Family Adventures don’t have to always take place in exotic places or cost lots of money. In fact, some of our favorite family fun memories happened right in our backyard. Last year we had one of our favorite adventures and we thought we’d share it with you. Come hang out with us for the day as we take on our most exciting adventure yet: Dattage Family Walks the Plank!

We started the morning having the kids “walk the plank” into the car wearing Peter Pan hats and “Never Grow Up” shirts that I made the night before. We packed our snacks and started out on our adventure.

Before we headed out we had a Peter Pan-styled breakfast with a Captain Hook’s Ship, boats, and the famous ticking crocodile.

Driving through Cache Valley, Utah we headed to Bear Lake making our first stop at Tony Grove. The kids had a treasure map that they pulled out guiding our twists and turns. It was fun to give them a part to play in the adventure.

I had 10 treasure boxes that I kept in the back of the car and as we got to each destination my husband would distract the kids as I hid the treasure box somewhere.

We picked destinations that had a lot of fun things to do, at this one we spent time at the lake, climbed trees, hiked, and eventually found our treasure and the next clue for our map.

Once we left Tony Grove we headed to the Mermaid Lagoon (Bear Lake) and swam with the mermaids.

BUT Pirates arrived and after throwing water balloon cannons at them we continued our adventure on wheels as we had to outrun the pirates on our way to the final destination!

Our destination ended at Pickleville Playhouse where we got to meet Peter Pan, Wendy, and the whole crew after we watched them perform Peter Pan!

It was the perfect ending to our adventure, even the littlest of our crew enjoyed the day! We found our lost treasure, met Peter Pan, outran the pirates, and most importantly spent the day together as a family having the adventure of a lifetime.

Best Part: it was also my little guy’s birthday that weekend so we ended the day with cake and ice cream. Check it out!

Come back next month to see what we have up our sleeve!

*This specific family adventure was in Utah, but we encourage you to take our ideas and create a family Peter Pan adventure in your own backyard.

April 15, 2022

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