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Richards Hollow Waterfall

Richards Hollow is a fun hike for kids if you are going to the waterfall and back. It is just over 3 miles roundtrip. It is about 9.7 miles if you are wanting something a little more challenging and want to continue past the waterfall.

Disclaimer: Right now because of the drought there is not a waterfall but the hike is still worth it!

The first part of the hike is a pretty good climb, luckily it is mostly shaded. Once it starts to level out you will find some fun adventures for the kids. Our favorites were the rock chair, rock piles, and the teepee!

After you pass the teepee you have another good climb to the waterfall, but luckily this climb isn’t as long as the first. It also has some really beautiful views that you won’t want to miss!

Pro Tip: Remember your water. It can be a hot hike even though it is shady, and my kids were THIRSTY as they climbed to the top.

The wildflowers are beautiful in the summer and the leaves are a pretty sight in the fall so you won’t want to miss either time of year to hike Richards Hollow.

If the waterfalls are flowing you will see lots of water in the streams on your way up and you’ll need to cross in a few spots, but it is easy. Unfortunately, you won’t have to worry about that right now as it is dry the entire way up.


Put Blacksmith Canyon into your GPS and it will get you to the mouth of the canyon. Once you are there you will go just under 9 miles into the canyon and turn left at Left Hand Fork Canyon which is marked. From there you will go just over 3 1/2 miles on a dirt road. You will get to the trailhead which is just past Friendship Campground. There is a bathroom located just next to the trailhead.


August 8, 2022

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