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A Hidden Gem in Utah: The Chinese Arch

Last week we were out at the Golden Spike National Park Celebrating the 153rd Anniversary of the Golden Spike. One our way back we took the scenic route around the East Auto Tour and found the coolest Arch in Northern Utah!

About half way around the mountain there is a pull off where you can get out and hike up to the Chinese Arch. I had never even seen it before, but it was really neat!

It is a monument in limestone. At one point in time Lake Bonneville covered this entire area. The waves eroded fault-fractured rocks which created this arch in the 300- million-year-old Oquirrh Formation.

They believe that the Chinese Arch was named to recognize the Chinese who worked on the transcontinental railroad. It is now a memorial to the Chinese who worked for the Central Pacific Railroad.

My kids loved hiking around the area, if you climbed up behind it you had quite the view and felt like you were overlooking all of Northern Utah.

This is a fun stop if you are headed to the Golden Spike National Park or even out the the Spiral Jetty. Check it out!

March 28, 2023

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