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Red Reef Trail Hike, Leeds Utah

One of our favorite hikes in Southern Utah for families is the Red Reef Trail. It starts from the parking lot of the Red Cliffs Recreation Area Campground. The best part about this hike is it is really for everyone. My kids loved it, but it was also a favorite for all the adults.

Pro Tip: If you hike this area in the spring you will see pools of water, later in the summer, it will be dry.

To get there, start on 15 North and take Exit 22. Turn right onto Old Highway 91 and go about 2 miles South and then turn right. Continue under two freeway tunnels then keep driving a little over a mile. This will bring you to the fee area and into the campground.

Pro Tip: Bring your camera because the beauty here is unreal!

It is just over a mile and a half round trip and relatively easy. My kids hiked it no problem! There is a $5 fee to enter the area, but it is good for the whole day.

Pro tip: Wear good hiking shoes, sometimes the trail will be wet from the pools of water and you don’t want to slide!

Once you start hiking there is not a lot of shade and it can quickly become a hot hike depending on how far in the season you are and how late into the day you begin.

Pro Tip: Pack in lots of drinking water!

Enjoy the hike!

April 1, 2023

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