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It’s here friends! Print your own Summer 2022 Bucket List Calendar and get ready to celebrate all summer long! We decided to combine June, July, and August so you could see all your summer fun in one place! I print the Bucket list 24 inches X 36 inches at Alphagraphics, but any place that prints large prints will […]

How to help your children understand Memorial Day I always look forward to Memorial Day and all the fun plans we make with friends, neighbors, and family that includes BBQs, water fun, food, games, and togetherness! That being said, we can’t forget the real reason we get this day off work. Memorial Day is a […]

Last week we were out at the Golden Spike National Park Celebrating the 153rd Anniversary of the Golden Spike. One our way back we took the scenic route around the East Auto Tour and found the coolest Arch in Northern Utah! About half way around the mountain there is a pull off where you can […]

Looking for fun activities for your kids this summer? The Stokes Nature Center in Logan Canyon holds a weekly “Nature Tales” event for kids. They pick a different animal or aspect from nature to teach the kids about each week. During the Nature Tales, they will read a book, talk about the topic, and complete […]

This week is the 153rd anniversary of the Golden Spike! Have you been out to the Golden Spike National Park? It really is a beautiful look into history! Back in the 19th century, the completion of the first transcontinental railroad across the United States happened here in Utah. If you visit the park you can […]

CONGRATS to Ashlee Durrant for winning our giveaway with Grandpa Beck’s Games! We wanted to offer a discount for all of our subscribers though so Grandpa Beck’s Games is giving 15% to all of you! Use the code adventuresintheus to get 15% off any of Grandpa Beck’s Games! I am so much better at learning […]

Spring Break in Utah can be busy so we decided to make our own fun at home. I took the theme of Disney’s Jungle Cruise, ran with it, and it made for a really fun adventure. We watched the movie the night before our adventure so everyone had it fresh in their mind. The next […]

Last week we set out on a family adventure to find a hidden gem in Utah that none of us had ever seen in person before. The Spiral Jetty had been a bucket list adventure for a while and we finally made it happen! Located at Rozel Point peninsula on the northeastern shore of the […]

Family Adventures don’t have to always take place in exotic places or cost lots of money. In fact, some of our favorite family fun memories happened right in our backyard. Last year we had one of our favorite adventures and we thought we’d share it with you. Come hang out with us for the day […]

We took a roundabout way to Southern Utah passing the Belly of the Dragon just east of Zion National Park and it was well worth it! To get there you have to know exactly where you are going because there are no signs and no markers. It is 17 miles north of Kanab on Hwy89. […]