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Do you enjoy going new places and trying new adventures? Are you interested in reviewing different products or services? We're looking for new State Ambassadors to join our team!

The only requirement is to write one article about something in your state each month. The topic of this article needs to be approved by Adventures in the US prior to writing. However, the more you contribute, the more opportunities you will have to earn free and reduced cost tickets to shows and attractions. 

There are several different types of articles we are looking for:
          ~ An attraction that is opening or recently opened;
          ~ Places to visit that others may not know about (aka hidden gems);
          ~ Full review article for a place you've visited (the best reviews include a summary of your visit, including what you liked best, and a tip or two to have a great experience.) 

Also, any article submitted should have a minimum of 6 photos. We may use them for within the article itself and/or for posting on social media.

We work with several companies and tourist destinations who provide us with free or discounted tickets in exchange for writing articles after our visit. We can't be everywhere across the United States, so we rely on our Ambassador Team to help us with these assignments. You will always be offered these assignments, never told you have to do them.


Here are a few of the companies we have worked:

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What is required to be a State Ambassador?

Types of articles we are looking for:

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