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At-Home Activities: Snow Pets

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Whoever said good things come in small packages was right! Snow Pets are small but contain big fun! They are the hottest new blind-bag collectibles that explode into tons of exciting winter adventures!

With just a few easy steps, your child can be playing with their very own Snow Pet!

  1. Purchase Snow Pets on Amazon.
  2. Open the box and take the snowball out of it.
  3. Unwrap the shrink wrap from around the snowball which will reveal an opening at the top of the ball.
  4. Pour water into the opening at the top of the snowball. (When you think you’ve added enough, add a bit more.)

The water will cause an avalanche of snow to appear in an explosion of fun! If the snowball doesn’t pop open on it’s own, you can gently push the sides to help it pop open, and inside you will find one of eight different Snow Pets ready to be played with. There are also 8 rare Ice Pets you could discover, too!

We found that after the snow was poured out, if you add more water a little at a time, the snow will continue to grow, giving your child quite a bit to play with along with the fun Snow Pets.

This would make a great toy to take along on vacations, too. The unopened toy doesn’t take up much space (it comes in a box that is about 4″x3.5″x1.5″), you only need water to “activate” it, and it would be a great surprise for your kids if there happens to be a day when the weather doesn’t cooperate and you are stuck inside a hotel room or camper.

The snow can be kept for several days in a plastic container, or you can purchase refill instant fake snow powder if you need more.

Which of the Snow Pets will you get? Let us know in the comments below!

February 16, 2021

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