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With Ridin’ Zion Rentals, You Can Explore Southern Utah in a New Way

I LOVE exploring southern Utah on foot – hiking all over the place! But a couple of years ago, I found a new way to explore Southern Utah and I am obsessed! Ridin’ Zion Rentals provides Polaris Slingshots and Harleys that you can rent and take for a few hours, a day, or more! They give you the opportunity to explore Southern Utah with a different perspective of this gorgeous place.

We took the Polaris Slingshot to Springdale and it was amazing! They brought it right to our door, which was so nice because we didn’t have to figure out where to leave cars and arrange to pick up and drop them off. While driving around you see a 360-degree view of the gorgeous Southern Utah views as you are driving. We took it to Zion National Park, but you can take it anywhere including Bryce Canyon, The Grand Canyon, Snow Canyon, or any other adventure you want to take.

The Polaris Slingshot is a one-of-a-kind, 3-wheel roadster. The vehicle has been specifically designed to offer head-turning fervor of two dimensions, and the first thrill comes from what you can hear, see, and feel while riding in it. Then, the second excitement would be how you’re going to feel when the crowd turns their heads marveling at your ride.

The Polaris Slingshot provides a unique on-road driving, as well as riding, experience. This isn’t what a lot of people usually ride on because it’s a type of motorcycle that has the vibe of an automobile. Aside from that, the unfastened air cockpit also offers a cool 360-degree rush of display along with the smell and sound. The side-by-side seating arrangement allows both the passenger and driver to experience the front row shot of adrenaline, as the sport-tuned and wide stance suspension motivates the rider to charge every corner and pay full attention to the road.

These Slingshots are so smooth and seriously drive like a sports car! I am already planning our next trip. The Polaris Slingshot is a 3-wheel roadster that drives as smooth as a car with the open-air amazingness of a motorcycle.

You can rent the Polaris Slingshots and Harleys for an hour, half-day, or full-day trips to explore around Southern Utah. They have several colors including midnight silver, burnt orange, and apple cherry red.

Polaris Slingshot Pricing
Hourly: $79/hour
Half-Day (up to 4 hours): $220
Full-Day (up to 8 hours): $280
Next Day Return: $350

Harley Davidson Roadking Pricing
Half-day Roadtrip: $120
Full-day Roadtrip: $180
24-hour: $240

If you are planning to visit Zion or just want to take a fun day trip, Ridin’ Zion is a must! We love Southern Utah and are beyond excited for this new way to experience our adventures. It was seriously an exhilarating experience riding through Southern Utah being able to see all around us. I saw so many beautiful things I had never noticed before.

January 21, 2022

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