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10 Ideas for an At-Home Date Night

It may be difficult to leave the house for a date night, especially when Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday, as it does this year, but we have some great ways to add some adventure to make an otherwise normal night at home a bit more interesting. So put the kids to bed, turn off the TV (unless you’re doing date night #5), and get ready for some at-home fun with your significant other.

  1. Kitchen Cookoff – Choose a recipe you both can make, and then see who makes it better. We have a few suggestions, if you’re stuck coming up with an idea:
    Homemade Cream Puffs
    Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes
    Chicken Potpie
  2. Bucket List Date Night – Make a list of all the things you want to do together and plan out some epic adventures throughout the rest of the year. You could even make this into a crafty adventure by making a Vision Board with the ideas you come up with.
  3. S’mores Around the Fire – Grab a blanket, and toast s’mores over the fire in the backyard. Maybe cuddle up and look at a few stars while you are out there.
  4. Water Fight – Get out the balloons and water guns and have at it! Who said the kids were the only ones allowed to have fun? If it’s too cold for a water fight, then use Nerf guns or pillows instead. You can even roll up pairs of socks into balls to use to take your partner down.
  5. Movie Night – Each of you pick your favorite movie and then watch them back to back. Of course, we recommend popping some popcorn to share and snuggling together to watch them, too.
  6. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane – Get out all your old photo albums and pictures and look through them together. You are bound to have a good laugh and smile at some good memories. If you’re married, play the song you danced to on your wedding day and twirl around the living room together.
  7. Game Night: Here are some of our favorite 2 player games:
    Cover Your Assets
    Phase 10
    Monopoly Deal
    Antiquity Quest
    Ticket to Ride
    Five Crowns
    Skull King
    Skip Bo
    Cover Your Kingdom
  8. Take a Lesson or Class Online Together – It could be a how-to video or a DIY, lessons for something you’ve always wanted to try or something you haven’t done in awhile. Here are a few of our suggestions:
    Acrylic PaintingThe ArtSherpa has many step-by-step instructional videos that are easy to follow.
    Beginner Dancing Lessons – Try your best at Hip-Hop, Salsa, Swing Dance, or search for another type of dancing you’d like to try.
  9. Puzzle Night – Start a new puzzle and see if you can complete it in one evening. Rock- paper- scissors to see who gets to place the last piece.
  10. Wine Tasting – Each of you select a couple bottles and take turns tasting the different kinds you select. Don’t look at the labels and see if you can guess what kind it is or if you can detect what flavors are in it.

What other ideas for an at-home date night do you have? Tell us in the comments below.

January 26, 2022

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