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Long Island Tulip Festival: Bringing a Little Bit of the Netherlands to New York

Main Image Photo Credit: @angela.vona.14 on Instagram

When I was a little and had nightmares, my mom once told me to close my eyes and picture something I absolutely love. Something that would make me smile and bring me joy. I remember that exact picture and have held it in my mind for almost 50 years. It’s not puppies or ice cream. Although those are pretty great too. It’s tulips. You know, the flower. I’m not a horticulturist or even a flower hobbyist, but in those few seconds when I had to pick an image, it was tulips.

Living in Long Island the closest I get to tulips is my yard where I plant 100 bulbs and pray 40 will come up. Every Spring as I watch them bloom, I dream of traveling to the Netherlands to see a field of thousands. My dream has become a reality and I don’t even have to get on a plane. The Long Island Tulip Festival has returned to the Waterdrinker Family Farm and Garden. They planted over 750,000 tulips and other spring bulbs this year (fun fact – there are over 150 species of tulips with over 3,000 different varieties) and like my yard, there is no guarantee ALL the tulips will bloom, but it’s safe to say it’s going to be spectacular.

Admission is $15 and children 2 and under are free. Tickets are purchased at the gate only (online tickets are not available) and they will have potted bulbs and tulip bouquets for sale (while supplies last) so you can take the beauty home with you.

The Festival runs for approximately 4-5 weeks (again it’s all up to Mother Nature and the weather) so don’t wait! You should visit as soon as they bloom, and DON’T leave the kids or dogs at home. Waterdrinker Family Farm is open to all your family members – even the ones walking on four legs. They are pet-friendly but they must remain on a leash at all times (the pets of course, not the kids). Follow them on Facebook and Instagram so you know the exact dates.


It is predicted to run from April 22 – May 15, but as we said before, the exact dates are up to Mother Nature.

Open 7 days a week:
10:00am – 6:00pm everyday and open until sunset on Fridays and Saturdays

Please note: No parking on South Street or Wading River Road. There is parking available on the farm. Food truck and live music on weekends only. No outside food is allowed at the farm.

Tip: visit on weekdays to avoid the weekend crowds!

​Photo opportunities! Whether you’re a professional photographer or just looking to create the perfect family photo the farm loves selfies, family photos, dog photos, and make sure to tag them on social media.

Waterdrinker Family Farm & Garden
663 Wading River Road
Manorville, NY 11949

Weekdays – $15.00/person
Weekends – $20.00/person
Children 2 and under are free

Waterdrinker Family Farm & Garden has provided my family with complimentary tickets for the Tulip Festival in exchange for this informational article. We have never been to the festival and are looking forward to going. Stay tuned as I will post on social media when I attend the event and you can rely on me to give an honest review.

March 23, 2022

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