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10 Things I Love About Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has been the place I have called home for all of my life. Some may think that is crazy, boring or strange, but even after visiting many different places around the country and outside of the U.S., there are just so many reasons I love living in Pennsylvania! I’ve created for you a list of 10 things I love about PA that I think you will love too!

Rich in History

Cities like Philadelphia are full of history! It is home to things like the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Constitution Center, and many well-known founders’ homes. It is so fun to walk the streets where many of the founding fathers had walked. There are also many battle sites like the well-known sites of Gettysburg and Valley Forge. And so much more!

All 4 Seasons

Pennsylvania weather usually can’t make up its mind and that’s a bit of a joke here. With that being said, I love that we get to experience all four seasons here! We get the best balance for each season. 

Beautiful Landscapes

It is full of hills wherever you go! Even in the cities, hills can be found. I love that we can go from farm landscapes to cityscapes in just a matter of an hour or less. The landscapes in PA are as diverse as the people. 

Diverse Culture

One of the most well-known things about Pennsylvania is the Amish that reside in Lancaster County.  It’s one of the parts of the country where there are still people living slow and simple lives. Sometimes it can be the start of a good fender bender with people slowing quickly to catch a glimpse of the horse and buggy.  

National Parks

There are SO many National Parks to see in Pennsylvania! I love that there are National Historic Sites and Parks all over the state.  


Of course, being the Chocolate Capital of the world, Pennsylvania is known for its Hershey’s Chocolate! Any day that you can visit a chocolate factory is a good day! Not to mention Hershey Park and Hershey Gardens are great places to visit while in the area as well!

Groundhogs Day

Pennsylvania is home to Punxsutawney Phil and Groundhogs Day! The little town makes a huge celebration out of a groundhog that somehow predicts how the weather will go for the rest of the winter. Strange, yes, but unique! 

Farmer’s Markets

One thing I absolutely love about PA is the abundance of Farmer’s Markets and farm stands. Since PA is a leading agricultural state, you don’t have to travel very far (in the city or country) before you find yourself at a roadside stand or farmers market where you can get a variety of locally grown produce, the best of the best!


No matter where I’ve traveled in the country, there’s no one else that can make a cheesesteak like the ones you’ll find in Philly! You may even find yourself in a heated (but friendly) debate about which is better – Geno’s or Pats!

Farm Show

Harrisburg is home to the largest indoor Agricultural expo in the country! The Farm Show is a place you want to visit to get the best milkshakes, PA food, and of course to check out PA livestock!  

With Pennsylvania being a diverse state, my 10 things were very different from one another as well! There are so many wonderful places to explore and visit here, and even though I’ve lived here, there’s still more to see and discover! I would encourage you, if you’re a PA native, to explore the state as if it were your first time visiting; where is a place that you would “have to” go that you have yet to see? If you’ve never been to Pennsylvania but are planning a trip, consider some of the things I have listed in your itinerary or reach out for more specific ideas! Happy Adventuring in PA!

May 4, 2022

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