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Now Open: Las Vegas’ First Permanent Digital Art Museum, “Perception”

New Space for Immersive and High-Tech Installations Debuts with World Premiere of Leonardo: The Universal Man

Las Vegas Strip’s first permanent digital art museum – PERCEPTION Las Vegas – is now open. The new space for immersive and high-tech installations is debuting with the world premiere of Leonardo: The Universal Man, chronicling the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci.  The hour-long, three-gallery journey transports guests on a mind-bending exploration into the remarkable world of Leonardo da Vinci, an experience as remarkable as the man himself. Tickets are now on sale and available via

Robert Frey, PERCEPTION CEO, said, “Perception is a 360-degree, fully immersive, multi-sensory museum that will continually introduce fresh content celebrating the world’s greatest artists. We’re proud to be home to the world premiere of Leonardo: The Universal Man and to invite our guests to witness the genius of da Vinci in a truly special way, where we will push the limits of how art can be portrayed in a museum.”

Three unique, 360-degree gallery exhibits transport visitors into da Vinci’s works, studies and findings as an architect, engineer, alchemist, artist, philosopher and sculptor:

  • Grand Salon: Chapters of the Genius’ Life – Guests enter a 28-foot-tall, four-wall theater where they voyage to Renaissance-era Italy through da Vinci’s eyes, as chapters of his life unfold during this 35-minute film. Each wall of the theater portrays a different visual perspective of the same story as the narrative progresses. Using advanced laser projection and transportive audio, patrons learn about da Vinci’s engineering and architectural feats as they take flight in his Flying Machine, stand in cathedrals digitally constructed through geometry and float through Tuscany on a parachute originally designed by the master himself.
  • Painting with Light: The Last Supper – During their visual expedition, guests are introduced to this fresh take on one of da Vinci’s most legendary paintings during the Italian High Renaissance: The Last Supper. In a gallery with floor-to-ceiling, surround-sound LED walls, one of the world’s most famous works of art comes to life through an explosion of light, color, shape and sound.
  • The Gallery: Mona Lisa’s Perception – In this gallery, guests are greeted by six versions of Lisa del Giocondo – better known to the world as Mona Lisa. Accompanied by an original musical score, Mona Lisa primes guests to experience da Vinci in the digital age as they each take on intriguing and entertaining forms of the best-known, most-visited, sung- and written-about image in the art world.


  • 2780 South Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Ticket Prices:

  • Locals: $29.50
  • General Admission: $34.50; $32.50 for military members with valid ID
  • VIP Experience: $49.50; includes anytime entry and a beverage
  • Children: $18.50 for children ages 5-12; under 5 are free

Tickets can be purchased via or by calling 702-476-9069. Groups of 10 or more can book the space for special events by calling 725-200-3701 or 866-633-0195 to reserve tickets.


  • Open daily from 11am – 8pm

June 15, 2022

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