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End the Summer on an Icy Note: Ice Blocking!!

Have you ever been ice blocking?? This one took me back to my childhood!

My husband and I had both been ice blocking as kids and decided this summer would be a great time to introduce the fun to our kids!

Disclaimer: Be safe. Don’t go down too steep of a hill and use common sense. We haven’t ever had anyone get hurt, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

If you haven’t done this before – it’s simple!

You will need:

  • Ice blocks (I buy mine at Macey’s for a couple of dollars. See if your local grocery store has them. We bring a cooler and throw several of them in there.)
  • Towels

That’s it! Take your ice blocks to the top of a hill! Once you are there fold a town in thirds and set it on top of the ice block. Sit on top and down you go! It’s fun to see who can stay on the longest and who can do the coolest trick going down.

Pro Tip: Remember your sunscreen! The time will get away from you and you don’t want a sunburn from ice blocking!

Have fun and tag us over on Instagram if you try it!

August 11, 2022

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