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10 Reasons Your Family Should Visit HersheyPark

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Taking four kids to an amusement park can be a little daunting. We have a variety of ages so while some of our kids are big enough and ready for the upside-down roller coasters, others are still at the Merry Go Round level of extremes. While visiting HersheyPark, this isn’t a concern, there is truly something for everyone which makes this a great option for your family to visit! Here are 10 reasons why I think your family should visit HersheyPark as soon as you can!

3 for 1 Admission
When you purchase a ticket for HersheyPark you really are getting admission to three different parks. There’s HersheyPark with all its rides and attractions, there’s the Boardwalk which is a full-fledged water park with rides, slides, pools, and more, and then there’s ZooAmerica, an 11-acre zoo with over 200 different animals! These are literally three different attractions that you get for the price of one! Amazing, I know!

The App
This may seem like a little thing, but HersheyPark has its own app that is a MUST download before you go. The app allows you to real-time navigate through the park so there’s no guessing where each ride is. It also shows you the estimated wait time for each ride so you can choose your course of action wisely. I loved that we could filter out the rides by thrill, height, and type; we could search for food or bathrooms (a must if you have kids!), and there’s even an option to place a mobile food order! This is available for both Apple users and Android users.

Refill Stations
Throughout the park, there are convenient refill stations. Here you could refill your water bottles or your souvenir cup! I love that they put these all over and made them so easy to use, no need to wait in line at one of the shops. Also, the drink(or slush) refills in your souvenir cup are FREE!! What?!?!

Sometimes you go to an amusement park and it’s not so nice looking. HersheyPark goes above and beyond in the cleanliness department. The bathrooms are clean, the walkways are clean, the landscaping is well maintained, and it just looks nice. I love that!

Ride Placement
One of the best things about the rides at HersheyPark is the placement. Like I said at the beginning, we have kids that are a variety of ages, which means we have to find something for the 2-year-old while the 10-year-old and I are screaming on the Great Bear together. Thankfully, it has been thought out enough that near just about every roller coaster or other major thrill ride, there is a ride for younger children. Genius! My 2-year-old was excited to ride the little train and some ladybugs over and over while the older kids happily rode Lightning Racer–win-win!

Ride Variety
Along with the well-placed rides, there was also a great ride variety. From water slides, Sunoco cars, and the Kissing Tower, to incredible new roller coasters, we all loved the rides. There was so much variety in what we could do and what we experienced, it was incredible. It was a relief to go to a place where truly everyone was happy with the selections!

Ok, the water park is amazing. You could spend the whole day just in this area. There is a giant area for the bigger kids and then a smaller version for the smaller kids. The water slides are SO fun and Tidal Force is a classic, must-do water ride. Honestly, you could really go here for the whole day and have plenty to do!

Always Updating
I have been going to HersheyPark since I was a kid, and it is a new experience every time I visit. They are constantly changing, updating, and adding to the park to make it an even better experience. I love that! You can go every year and see something different, experience something new, and have a great time.

Food Variety
There is an incredible variety of dining options throughout the park. They have pizza, hot dogs, and then a full Chick-fil-A, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and more. I love that they have things for those with special dietary needs as well. Check out all they have to offer here. In their brand new Chocolate Town, you can experience even more dining options!

Leaves You Wanting More
A single day at HersheyPark is just not nearly enough time. We were there from the moment it opened to the moment it closed and we still didn’t get to do everything we wanted (and that’s not because we were waiting in too many lines!). There are just so many things to do and to see there, you cannot possibly do it all in one day. I love that when we leave, we want to go back. We don’t leave thinking we never have to go there again because we did it once. A season pass would be a great option if you live close but if not, and you’re in the area give it a try! You will love it! Find out more information for purchasing tickets and park hours here.

P.S. There’s also Hershey’s Chocolate World as a bonus! This is a free place you can visit with optional activities that can be purchased right before the entrance to HersheyPark. It has a fun (and free!) ride where you can learn about how chocolate is made and even get a delicious sample at the end. There’s a large shopping area and food court (which has some delicious milkshakes!). If you can manage to squeeze in one more thing…give it a try! Or just go another time to check it out by itself!

August 17, 2022

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