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Las Vegas Casino Seeks ‘Retired’ Shelf Elves

Silverton Casino Offers an ‘Escape Plan’ for Weary Parents, Opens its Doors to Retiring Elves

As a special service to parents who have grown weary of their family’s Christmas “Shelf Elves,” Silverton Casino in Las Vegas will give a new home to the retiring pixies. The casino is offering to help parents looking to “officially” retire their elves, allowing them to take a spot at the BAD ELF pop-up holiday bar – the home to all rebels without a Claus.

The bar, which is open seasonally in November and December, is an over-the-top holiday spectacle. Throughout the bar, visitors are mesmerized by thousands of string lights, oversized ornaments, and dozens of “retired” elves watching from the ceiling above. As a finishing touch, a full-sized Airstream trailer is decked out in festive red and green garland, complete with plastic reindeer on the roof.

Those who wish to retire their elves and mail them to the casino will receive in return:

  • An “official” retirement certificate
  • A voucher good for a complimentary cocktail during their next visit to Las Vegas
  • Silverton Casino will donate a toy to a Las Vegas toy drive on their behalf

To help justify the absence of their “Elf on a Shelf” at home this holiday season, Silverton will provide access to a “digital tool kit” with “tongue-in-cheek” letters that can be printed and shared with family members – including notes from the elf raving about retirement, and even photos of the elf’s new Las Vegas friends.

The Shelf Elf Phenomenon

The Shelf Elves are part of an interactive “hide ‘n seek” game that has grown into a holiday tradition among families with young children. Most elves are acquired as part of an “Elf on a Shelf” boxed set, which has sold more than 13 million copies since it was first published in 2005.  As part of the tradition, the little sprite shows up in creative spots each morning and serves as Santa’s “eyes and ears” throughout the holiday season. 

After more than a decade of popularity, many parents have become exhausted at maintaining their elf’s nightly movements throughout the season, leaving them looking for a graceful way to end the holiday tradition – a convenient way to retire the little elf.

Making Arrangements for Retirement

Those wishing to send their Shelf Elf to Las Vegas should include a note that contains the elf’s name, hometown, and a physical address to send the certificate and drink voucher. The address is: Official Shelf Elf Retirement HQ, Silverton Casino, 3333 Blue Diamond Rd., Las Vegas, NV  89139. In addition, Shelf Elves can be dropped off at the Silverton Rewards counter at Silverton Casino. Questions can be directed to

September 13, 2022

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