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**Giveaway** Tickets to Ice Castles in Utah!

Ice Castles is an awe-inspiring, must-see winter phenomenon that brings fairy tales to life, and we have your chance to visit this weekend!

Here are just a few fun ways you and your family will enjoy Ice Castles:

  • Squeal with delight as you race down one of the exhilarating ice slides designed for people of all ages.
  • Squeeze through passageways just large enough for children and adults who are adventurous enough to crawl.
  • Tucked away throughout the cascades of ice, discover elaborate ice sculptures hand-carved by a world-renowned sculptor.
  • Explore ice caverns and get lost in a frozen maze where wonder awaits around every corner.

For an additional fee (not included in this giveaway), you can add a sleigh ride to your Ice Castles visit. The winter sleigh rides take you through a wooded winter trail before dropping you back off at the castle.

Know Before You Go:

Bundle up, because Ice Castles is best enjoyed when appropriately dressed for the winter cold. We recommend wearing insulated clothing like you would wear if going sledding, skiing, or doing any other outdoor winter activity, and winter boots are best. Shoes with high heels or flat soles (like dress shoes or cowboy boots) can be slippery and are not recommended.

Whether you’re planning a visit during the day or night you can expect to have a magical experience. The daytime allows you to appreciate the glacial blues that only the natural light of the sun brings out in the ice, as well as the details in the Ice Castles. At night, once the sun has set, LED lights illuminate Ice Castles from within as you experience the majestic creations under the stars. If you’re hoping to experience Ice Castles both during the day and at night we recommend purchasing a ticket with an arrival time just before sunset.

February 13, 2023

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