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Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum: Educational and Entertaining

*Sponsored Content: I was provided complimentary tickets for the purpose of this review, however, all opinions are my own.

I guess you could say I’m a kid at heart because I like to have fun. So for me, learning about history has always been something that I felt like I should do, not necessarily because I liked it, but because history is important. I like to learn about the history of the US, but for me, it needs to also be interesting if it’s going to capture my full attention. Lucky for me, not only is the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum a great historical account, but it’s also highly entertaining.

My husband and I visited Boston during a trip for our 15th wedding anniversary, so even though we didn’t have any of our children with us, we still decided to go to the museum, mainly because I loved the significance of being there during the year leading up to the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. I don’t know why I thought the museum was more for kids, but it really is a museum that is great for all ages. We immediately felt included as we entered the meeting house where we were given the identity of someone who was an actual historic participant of the Boston Tea Party. I was John May, a gentleman who moved to Boston and established himself as a merchant and who enjoyed opening up his home to friends for dinner parties where they would discuss politics.

We heard Sam Adams protest the tax on tea, toured one of the replica ships, and then helped to toss the crates of tea into the water. In the museum, we watched as holographs gave us a glimpse of how difficult of a time it was, and how there were split opinions of the views of that time, as some people were still loyal to the king. The items on display in the museum include the Robinson Tea Chest, which is the only known tea chest from the Boston Tea Party. It was found and hidden, then passed down from generation to generation within the Robinson family. It is in this room of the museum where talking portraits of King George III and Sam Adams give us a glimpse into what a debate between the two of them may have been like had they ever actually met in person.

Finally, the tour of the museum concludes with a short film that shows the events that led up to the American Revolution and the “shot heard round the world”. The film was intense, powerful, captivated the interest of everyone in the room, and was the perfect ending to our very educational AND entertaining tour.

Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
306 Farnsworth Street, Boston

Open 7 days a week
Tours start 10am-5pm

General Admission Tickets
Adults (Ages 13+): $36
Children (3-12 years old): $25
Children 2 and under are free

The 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party

In honor of the upcoming anniversary, there will be a series of commemorative programs throughout 2023, culminating in a grand-scale live reenactment on the 250th anniversary, December 16, 2023. A lively procession to the waterfront will be led by fife and drummers, and the Sons of Liberty will destroy actual tea into Boston’s historic waters at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum, located over the same body of water where the Boston Tea Party took place 250 years ago.

Other programming includes:

  • Boston Tea Party Participant Grave Marker Project
  • Special exhibits, artwork and public programs
  • Theatrical performances
  • Virtual presentations and webinars
  • Genealogical programs
  • Historical festivals
  • And much more!

For details of all 2023 programming and information on the major Boston Tea Party reenactment on December 16, 2023, visit

June 28, 2023

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  1. Elyse says:

    This looks so fun and such a unique day out! Thanks for sharing all the detail

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