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Exploring the Enchanting World of Thomas Dambo’s Troll Sculptures

Within the enchanting realm of art and nature, the whimsical and awe-inspiring creations of Danish artist Thomas Dambo beckon travelers and art enthusiasts alike. Across the United States, Thomas Dambo’s troll sculptures have emerged as extraordinary landmarks, blending seamlessly with their surroundings while captivating the imagination of all who encounter them. Join us on a delightful journey as we explore the magical world of Thomas Dambo’s troll sculptures across the United States.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens
Atlanta, Georgia

Trolls: Save the Humans is the latest chapter in the worldwide sculpture fairytale, written by Dambo one installation at a time. In this case, six young activist trolls have noticed that humans are disconnected from nature and have started harming the planet. The young trolls set out to help humans learn how to live in harmony with the planet. Full of personality and activism, each troll has a name and plays a distinctive role in the tribe, becoming role models for humans to learn from.

Rendezvous Park
Jackson, Wyoming

Where once there were pebbles, now sits an enormous troll.

The recycled wooden sculpture, now lounging in Rendezvous Park in Jackson, beckons spectators to clamber aboard and serves as a bridge to ferry the fun from the park to a nearby miniature island.

Dambo named the Jackson Hole troll “Mama Mimi,” for her motherly guidance (plus Mimi is a “good, strong” Scandinavian name).

Aullwood Audubon
Dayton, Ohio

“The Troll That Hatched an Egg” tells the story of Bo, Bodil, and Bibbi, a family of trolls who live at Aullwood Audubon. When Bibbi hears stories from her special friend the Cardinal, she wants to see more of the world around her and wishes to learn to fly.

Birds, nature, ecosystems, and conservation are all central to Aullwood Audubon’s mission, which is reflected in the trolls’ story. The exhibition also pays tribute to Dayton’s place in the history of aviation and the wonder of so many children who see birds (and airplanes) fly for the first time.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
Boothbay, Maine

Our trolls will help you discover new ways to lose—and find—yourself in our forests.

Hidden throughout our native, natural wooded areas, these giant trolls wait to be unearthed. They’re friendly, but their message is something you’ll want to discover for yourself. Find our trolls and uncover the teachings they impart, then put all the clues together and learn the secret of Guardians of the Seeds. This is your chance to disconnect from the world, only to reconnect with the Earth.

Pinecrest Gardens
Miami, Florida

The trolls, Joen, Tergen and Bertha, took up residence in Miami in 2019 and have since made it their home to protect the local nature. While most trolls in Norse mythology tend to have a rather negative reputation, Miami’s giant trolls seem to have quite a peaceful and sweet disposition.

Bernheim Forest
Clermont, Kentucky

Each has a name and a story to tell, but instead of shying away from humans, these trolls hope to be found.

Pregnant troll mother “Momma Loumari” rests against a redwood tree while her children play in the woods. “Little Nis” has discovered his reflection in Holly Pond, while sister “Little Elina” forms rocks into the shape of a giant feather.

Dambo used recycled wood from pallets, fallen trees, bourbon barrel staves, and scraps from the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory to construct these forest giants.

Blackberry Mountain Resort
Walland, Tennessee

Leo the Enlightened is a giant peaceful troll, who found a beautiful spot, with a great view of the Smokey Mountains. He decided to stay here and meditate, only accompanied by a few adventures and a family of bears.

Leo is built with local scrap wood and even has a giant neckless made from lumps of sick trees.

Morton Arboretum
Chicago, Illinois

 There are 6 trolls in the exhibition “Troll Hunt”. In Troll Hunt, the trolls have gotten tired of the little humans’ continuous pollution and destruction of their beloved nature and decided to take matters into their own hands and catch the little beings to teach them a lesson.

Thomas Dambo’s troll sculptures across the United States provide an enchanting bridge between the realms of art and nature. These captivating creations evoke a sense of wonder, inviting us to embrace our imagination, explore the beauty of our surroundings, and foster a deeper connection with the natural world. As we encounter these marvelous troll sculptures, let us embrace the magic they exude and be reminded of the joy that can be found in the intersection of art, nature and the limitless possibilities of our imagination.

July 6, 2023

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  1. Dru Miller says:

    Absolutely Fabulous. The best thing I’ve seen in a while. Artistically beautiful but with a great message. For some reason I feel proud, proud to be a human being when I know other human beings, like you, are doing things like this. It’s not to often we get to be proud of what the human race is doing.
    My dream would be to take my kids on a road trip to see them all, as well as see the country, get a real education. Unfortunately that’s not a financial possibility.
    I’d love a chance to volunteer too. Any info on where you’ll be in the future or how I can help plz lmk.
    Thanks again for the inspiration & for realizing there are still things that me stare in wonder. “All who wonder are not lost.”
    Dru Miller

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