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A Hauntingly Delightful Night: Lydia Shines Bright in Beetlejuice’s Opening Night in SLC!

Step into a world where the eccentric meets the eerie, as Beetlejuice descended upon Salt Lake City this week, and oh, what a night of theatrical magic it was! From the moment the curtains parted, the audience was whisked away on a mesmerizing journey filled with captivating performances, intricate set designs, and a symphony of spine-tingling effects that left us bewitched.

Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

At the heart of this ethereal spectacle was none other than Lydia Deetz, portrayed by the phenomenal Isabella Esler. With a voice that could charm spirits from the netherworld and a presence that demanded attention, she stole every scene she graced. Her portrayal of Esler struck a beautiful balance between the character’s melancholic longing and her unwavering determination to connect with the supernatural. It was as though she was channeling the very essence of Lydia herself, and the result was utterly enchanting.

While Esler knocked me off my feet, the other cast members held their own with dazzling performances. Andrew Kober captured the chaotic essence of Beetlejuice flawlessly, delivering his lines with razor-sharp wit and an unhinged energy that kept the audience roaring with laughter. The chemistry between Esler and Kober crackled with a delightful blend of repulsion and attraction, creating an electric dynamic that was as amusing as it was intriguing.

Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

In this kaleidoscope of talent that illuminated the Broadway Tour of Beetlejuice, each lead cast member brought their own unique spark to the stage. Britney Coleman, embodying the vivacious Barbara, and Will Burton, portraying the witty Adam, formed a dynamic duo that infused the production with a palpable sense of fun and whimsy. Their chemistry was magnetic, and their impeccable timing ensured that every comedic beat landed flawlessly, leaving the audience in stitches. Jesse Sharp’s portrayal of Charles was a masterclass in suave sophistication, adding a touch of gravitas to the eclectic mix of characters. And then there was Kate Marilley, the true sorceress of character portrayal, who masterfully breathed life into Delia. With a blend of eccentricity and charm, she walked the fine line of stretching Delia’s quirks to the brink of annoyance without ever crossing into irritation, endearing herself to the audience as the lovable nuisance we couldn’t help but adore.

Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

The set design transported us to the gothic yet whimsical realm of the Deetz household and the ghostly afterlife, seamlessly transitioning between the two. From the decrepit charm of the Maitland’s home to the zany, kaleidoscopic chaos of the Netherworld, each scene was a visual feast that delighted the senses. The intricate attention to detail brought the world of Beetlejuice to life, making us feel like we were right there alongside the characters.

The costumes were a mesmerizing blend of dark elegance and quirky charm, capturing the essence of each character flawlessly. Elser’s signature gothic ensembles were juxtaposed with Kober’s wild and flamboyant attire, creating a visual contrast that mirrored their personalities. The ensemble cast’s costumes were equally impressive, each outfit contributing to the whimsical yet haunting atmosphere.

The choreography and dancing were nothing short of a spectacle. The ensemble moved with precision, executing intricate routines that seamlessly merged with the storyline. The larger-than-life musical numbers were a sight to behold, leaving the audience in awe of the performers’ energy and skill.

Vocally, the entire cast delivered a performance that sent chills down our spines. Esler’s hauntingly beautiful solos were juxtaposed with the raucous and energetic ensemble numbers, creating a diverse musical landscape that kept us engaged from start to finish.

But what truly elevated this production were the effects that seemed to defy the boundaries of reality. The haunting apparitions, the shapeshifting sets, and the jaw-dropping illusions all worked together to create an otherworldly experience that was nothing short of spectacular. The way the amazing Netherworld scenes seamlessly blended with practical effects was a testament to the dedication and creativity of the production team.

Photo Credit: Matthew Murphy

In a world where the bizarre and the beautiful collide, the Broadway Tour of Beetlejuice brought its own brand of macabre charm to Salt Lake City. The enchanting performance of Esler, the electric chemistry between the cast, the awe-inspiring set designs, the captivating costumes, the spellbinding dancing, the haunting vocals, and the mind-bending effects combined to deliver a night of theater that will linger in our minds long after the curtain has fallen. Don’t miss the chance to witness this supernatural extravaganza – it’s a hauntingly delightful experience that will leave you clamoring for more!

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the original film or a newcomer ready to be spellbound, this is your chance to immerse yourself in a theatrical journey like no other. So, mark your calendars and secure your tickets to the spine-tingling extravaganza that is Beetlejuice. The Musical. The Musical. The Musical!

Beetlejuice is playing until Sunday August 13, 2023 at the Eccles Theater. Purchase tickets here!

August 10, 2023

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