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Special Way to Dine in PA: Book a Restaurant Igloo Today

When the frosty winds of winter sweep through Pennsylvania, a unique and enchanting dining experience awaits those who seek warmth and a touch of magic. Imagine cozying up in a private igloo, sipping on your favorite beverage, while savoring delicious cuisine, all under a starlit winter sky.

Igloo dining in Pennslyvania is a trend that has taken the dining scene by storm, providing an unparalleled combination of comfort, ambiance, and culinary delight. Below, we will explore the charm of igloo dining in the Keystone State, where the cold weather only enhances the warmth of your dining experience.

  1. Bank + Vine, Wilkes-Barre
    Enjoy fine dining outdoors all season long at this upscale Wilkes-Barre eatery. The downtown restaurant features an exclusively private patio with a few gorgeously-designed, heated igloos.
  2. The Beaumont Inn, Dallas
    Enjoy private outdoor dining in a winter wonderland at this iconic Dallas restaurant. Their signature heated igloos feature soft, warm blankets and attentive service.
  3. El Poquito, Chestnut Hill
    Featuring a delicious menu filled with favorites from chips and salsa or guac to fajitas, quesadillas, and enchiladas, patrons can enjoy their meals inside heated igloos. Each igloo accommodates one table and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  4. The Foundry, North Shore
    Private igloos are also available on the patio facing the Allegheny River; they come heated and can accommodate up to seven guests. Reservations for the igloos are required in advance.
  5. The State Street Grill, Clarks Summit
    Sit back and relax in the igloo, aglow in warm light, where you can stay for up to two hours. (However, your party cannot be seated until everyone has arrived.)
  6. The Sheraton Erie Bayfront Hotel, Erie
    Each covered climate-controlled igloo seats up to 8 people and is available (with a reservation) for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Perfect for a romantic evening or a family get-together. They are set on the north-facing patio with scenic views of Presque Isle Bay.
  7. Gigi’s Southern Kitchen, State College
    Gigi’s is as casual as it is chic, it’s a local farm-to-table experience capturing the sophisticated yet laid-back ideals of southern hospitality. Each igloo is heated and can accommodate up to six people.

Dining in an igloo in Pennsylvania is a culinary escapade unlike any other. The frosty cocoon provides a unique backdrop, enhancing the flavors of each dish with an ambiance of winter magic. As laughter echoes within the icy walls and the warmth of good company, this gastronomic journey will become a cherished memory, leaving an indelible mark on both your palate and your heart.

November 10, 2023

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