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The Midway Homestead Resort: Our New Snow House

If you’re looking for a magical trip that seems like it is straight out of a fairy tale, you’ll find it in Midway, Utah. Our family had the most fun-filled, beautiful, snowy week we could have ever imagined.

When we pulled up to the Homestead Resort in Midway, I just knew our trip was going to be magical, and it was – every single minute of it! I stepped out of the car into the middle of the most adorable cozy resort and couldn’t wait to explore everything. I immediately felt the crisp mountain air and heard the crunch of fresh snow as I walked with my family to our front door. I might have been as excited as a kid on Christmas seeing how beautiful the grounds of the resort were covered in snow.

Now, I have to explain what snow means at our house. As we were driving to Midway my daughter saw some snow and was beyond excited to touch it. I told her she had to wait until we got to Midway and then she fell asleep. When she woke up we were driving through a stretch of no snow and she could only see it in the distance up in mountains. The tears started flowing and she told me that I needed to turn the sun off because it was taking all her snow away. I had a devastated little girl, who just like her mom, wanted to play in the snow. I promised her that when we got to the Homestead Resort, there would be snow.

When we arrived, my daughter looked around as we walked to the room and said, “Mama! I love my snow house!” and she really did. I am still being asked daily when we are going back to the “snow house”.

We checked in and the lady at the front desk was darling and so incredibly helpful! I have nothing but compliments for all of their staff and the kindness they showed us while we were there. They really went above and beyond on everything during our stay.

The excitement of finding our bunkhouse was a lot of fun as we walked around the grounds. When we found it I fell in love, and let me tell you why…

The bunkhouse we chose had two queen beds and an adorable little room off to the side with bunk beds (or bonken beds as my daughter says) for my kiddos. They were thrilled by their special room and were on their beds within minutes. I took a step outside, and that is the moment I really fell in love. We had a balcony off the back of the house that overlooked the most beautiful snowy scene, and I couldn’t help but wonder how beautiful it would look at night!

It was the most peaceful and quiet night. We were so comfortable with an adjustable temperature in our rooms and comfy beds to sleep in. The room also had a large closet, a double sink counter outside the bathroom, and seating near the front door. We had plenty of room for all our stuff to be hung and put away into drawers.

After my kiddos were in bed I wrapped up in my blanket and went outside to just breathe in the fresh air and stand with the snow lightly falling on my head. It was seriously perfection.

The next day, a friendly staff member brought us bread to feed the fish. They had these fun bright colored fish outside in a pond that came right up where the kids could see them, even in the middle of winter. The kids loved throwing the bread to them. We ended up spending a good amount of time just walking around the grounds and playing in the snow outside our “Snow House”. My daughter still tells people about our snow house and how much she misses it.

Make sure while you are visiting you check out the Homestead Gift Shop and Crater Springs Golf Shop. We found lots of little treasures to bring home as souvenirs! Guests of the Homestead receive 10% off all purchases in the Gift Shop on all items, excluding fudge. But they will give you a free sample of the fudge when you stop by, and it is SO worth the stop! The Homestead Resort also has an indoor pool, activity center, tennis courts, a gazebo, guest laundries, and a children’s play area. It is the perfect place to stay both in the winter and summer. I will most definitely be visiting this Summer!

For more information or to make a reservation, check out the Homestead Resort Website.

January 17, 2024

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