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Sandy Adventures Await: Exploring Sand Dune Arch

This is the best side trip if you are visiting Coral Pink Sand Dunes because the Sand Dune Arch is just minutes away.

Once you’ve soaked in the sandy scenery, it’s time to seek out the hidden gem of Coral Pink Sand Dunes—Sand Dune Arch. This can be a fun stop on your way to or from the Sand Dunes as it is actually outside the park. We chose to stop by after our adventures on the dunes.

From the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, you will need to go back out to Hancock Road and start driving back towards Highway 89. Turn left on a little turn off (road 64) which is just under a mile away from Highway 89 (.8 miles). The marker is not very big so watch carefully as there are several little turn offs.

It is a dirt road so only go as far as your car will be ok in the sand. If you have 4WD you can drive all the way to the arch, if not just park and it is a short walk. Once you turn off of Hancock Road, you will see a large hoodoo, once you get there turn left and head down a little further where you will turn right and the arch will be another 100 yards or so down the road.

Sand Dune Arch

There isn’t much there besides the arch, but it is a cool picture spot and my kids had all kinds of fun climbing around.

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February 26, 2024

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