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5 Places in the US to go Dog Sledding

Ever since I first watched the movie “Iron Will,” I have wanted a few Siberian Huskies of my own and a whole lot of snow. Dog sledding looks like tons of fun, and I just discovered that there are actually places in the US where you can try out this sport!

  1. New England Dogsledding, Maine – “If you want to learn how to run, manage, and care for a very athletic squadron of racing Alaskan Huskies, this just might be your dream vacation,” states the website. Located near the border between Maine and New Hampshire, you will enjoy a half-day of mushing (the term used for riding on the snow sled), and during the other half, you can do some snowshoeing, Nordic skiing, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful Maine views.
  2. Snow Buddy Dog Sled Tours, Colorado – You have the choice of driving your own sled or taking a tour at this Colorado destination, just south of Steamboat Springs. You’ll learn how to harness and hook up the team and most people find that driving the dog team is easy thanks to the coaching and guidance provided by your guides.
  3. Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures, Montana – In a wild and remote area near Yellowstone Park, you will start your trip in a large sagebrush meadow and will wind through an Alpine forest at the base of the mountains on a 5-mile trail dogsledding adventure. Don’t be afraid if you’ve never been dog sledding before, it’s the first adventure for most of their guests.
  4. Arctic Paws Dog Sled Tours, Pennsylvania – If you have a husky or another northern breed dog, you can bring your own dog (one or two) and take a ride on the snow sled. Of course, if you don’t have your own dogs, you can still enjoy the experience as their dogs love to meet people and nothing makes them happier than running out on the trails.
  5. Alaska Helicopter Tours, Alaska – Don’t be fooled by the name, I’m serious when I say that this is two adventures in one. First, you’re flown by helicopter to the site where you will have a meet & greet with the dogs and plenty of time for pictures before you head out on your dogsled ride. You can choose to stand on the runners and mush your own sled, or relax and take in the scenery riding in the sled.

I never knew that in one day you could learn to mush, but now planning a vacation that includes dog sledding is definitely on my bucket list!

January 21, 2021

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