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Have a Mind-Boggling Time in Downtown Philly

If you are looking for something that truly challenges your mind and tricks your eyes, the Museum of Illusions in Philadelphia is for you!  We had the opportunity to visit the Museum of Illusions and it was an experience enjoyed by everyone in my family!

At this museum you can interact with all the exhibits, take mind-boggling pictures, and you can do this all while learning about the way the human brain works. We loved that there were “photo spots” throughout the museum that showed you where to place your phone camera for the best effect! My kids loved that in the “Ames Room” our youngest (2 year old) looked the same size as their dad! 

My kids’ favorite exhibit was the “Vortex Tunnel.”  Even though I could only go through once, (with much difficulty!), the kids went over and over again, loving the illusion that the floor was moving and pretending they were being transported to a new world on the other side! There were many exhibits that we could go through as a family to challenge one another, which I really liked.  

35 locations of this museum are scattered worldwide, and it is awesome that Philadelphia is one of those selected locations!  This specific museum is customized to have some Philly flair, which makes it even more unique and special to those who are visiting. It is a great addition when visiting this historical area of Philadelphia, as it is conveniently located right near the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and so many other great historical places!

If you want to check it out make sure you purchase your tickets in advance at because some time slots do sell out! Tickets range in price from $14.99-$21.99 and children under 5 are free.  If you go, let us know! We want to know what your favorite part of the museum was! 

April 8, 2022

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