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Little Jamaica: An Arizona Hidden Gem

Just over the Utah state border in Littlefield Arizona is this incredible hidden gem. It is a little oasis in the middle of the desert which makes for a fun change of scenery!

The water flows from the Virgin River into a little pool that creates a waterfall. It is a nice escape from the desert heat! It is about 30 minutes out of St. George if you are coming from that direction.

It is a little difficult to get to. A lot of people have been hiking down from the trailhead but that has been closed and you aren’t supposed to go that way anymore. If you want to access it you have to drive around the back way and be in a (recommended) 4 wheel drive vehicle to get there.

There is some noise from the highway, but honestly, it didn’t bother us at all! Remember to wear good shoes as a lot of it is slippery from all the water.

If you go make sure you bring a garbage bag and pack all your trash out. There aren’t any bathrooms or places to leave your garbage. Remember to always leave it better than you found it so it can be a beautiful place for others to visit.

April 9, 2022

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