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CONGRATS to Ashlee Durrant for winning our giveaway with Grandpa Beck’s Games! We wanted to offer a discount for all of our subscribers though so Grandpa Beck’s Games is giving 15% to all of you! Use the code adventuresintheus to get 15% off any of Grandpa Beck’s Games! I am so much better at learning […]

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday is coming up – and that is the perfect excuse for another party! We LOVE Dr. Seuss over here and look forward to March 2nd every year! Last year we had a little Dr. Seuss Birthday party of our own! Find some fun treats, pull all your Dr. Seuss books off the […]

I have tried toddler beds, bunk beds, regular beds, you name it! But they just filled the room and I felt like it was always heavy looking. I didn’t feel like bedrooms were inviting with heavy dark wood furniture so I began the search for new beds, again. Everything I was finding was a million […]

It’s winter and there are so many fun things to do! We made a list of our favorite 25 things to do when it’s COLD outside! What are some of your favorite things to do? Stay warm while you get outside and enjoy the snow!

Let’s Celebrate Princess Diana’s 25th Anniversary with a one-of-a-kind tour of the largest most comprehensive private collection of never-before-seen personal clothing items, art pieces, and exclusive interviews with designers and Diana’s most trusted friends. Originally launched in early 2020, The Princess Museum and its 14 galleries spanning Diana’s entire life and incredible legacy have now […]

Have you ever been ice blocking?? This one took me back to my childhood! My husband and I had both been ice blocking as kids and decided this summer would be a great time to introduce the fun to our kids! Disclaimer: Be safe. Don’t go down too steep of a hill and use common […]

The first day of school is going to be BUSY! So many emotions, schedule changes, and a million things to do! Well, let me add one more thing to the list! A picture. Don’t forget to take a picture of your kids! It will be so fun to look back on at the end of […]

It’s here friends! Print your own Summer 2022 Bucket List Calendar and get ready to celebrate all summer long! We decided to combine June, July, and August so you could see all your summer fun in one place! I print the Bucket list 24 inches X 36 inches at Alphagraphics, but any place that prints large prints will […]

How to help your children understand Memorial Day I always look forward to Memorial Day and all the fun plans we make with friends, neighbors, and family that includes BBQs, water fun, food, games, and togetherness! That being said, we can’t forget the real reason we get this day off work. Memorial Day is a […]

When Jen first told me about TilePix I wasn’t sure what the hype was all about, but I ordered a set and I am obsessed! Fast forward and now I am ordering more. I’m not sure I can ever go back to regular picture frames. Save 30% on your first order by clicking here. I […]